Our mission is to create space for social connections within local communities

Most of us know how painful loneliness feels – the moments we have doubted our sense of belonging and value.

84% of UK adults have felt lonely at some point.  Working aged adults are most likely to report feeling lonely more than half the time.

We are worried that without creating opportunities to build connections and a sense of belonging, the growing (national) problem of loneliness and social isolation will rise.

Our Social Space is a non-profit charitable organisation. We aim to benefit our local community by providing a relaxed environment for participants to build relationships through classes, workshops, events and volunteering.

By giving your time, skills, experience or making a donation you’ll be playing your part in creating a space to benefit your community.

Whatever the value of the donation you would like to give, it is very much appreciated.

Your donation will be used to help run our activities and sustain Our Social Space into the future!

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