Most of us know how painful loneliness feels – the moments when we have doubted our sense of belonging and value.  Loneliness and social isolation is more than an unpleasant feeling, research shows it is harmful to our physical and mental health.

Finding the time, money, confidence or space to develop social connections is not always easy.  Our Social Space aims to give the opportunity for growing our social networks simpler – offering a relaxed environment for low/no cost social activities.

Our Vision is no one feels lonely or socially isolated

Our Mission is to create space for social connections within local communities

We Value

Strong Communities:  Creating a culture of warmth and belonging

Passion: Using our drive and commitment to energise, engage and inspire each other

Accountability:  Holding ourselves individually accountable and collectively responsible for results – we do what we say we’ll do

Communication:  Building trust with open, real and fearless communication – we encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion

Environmentalism:  Supporting sustainable and safe methods of food production and promoting the use of recyclable products